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SXMUN 2021 - 22

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Rev. Fr. Manager's Message

Confined, but not broken. These words perfectly describe our world in the present times where after two years of life in lockdown, the world is rising from its slumber, breaking the chains that incarcerated it and unlocking itself. With slow and careful measures, endeavours are being made to return to pre-COVID times, where our physical bonds were as strong as social ones. While we are all counting down the days to return to a world after COVID-19, we need to be aware that parts of our society will remain permanently changed. This is not to say we are facing a full reset. Rather, life after the virus will be altered by dozens of new tweaks and adjustments. Many of these changes will immediately become the new normal, with people adapting quickly to the different ways COVID-19 has impacted their lives.

But with change, there will arise new challenges. Not only do we have to curb and defeat the present virus, but we also need to come together to prevent future catastrophes. The pandemic has shown us the ugly sides of the world in a new perspective. It has given us a new stand on human rights, on health crisis, on world hunger, and most importantly, on mental health. It is our duty as global citizens to join hands and pro-actively address each and every problem the pandemic has shown us and to inhibit them from taking place again. The world needs to be rebuilt with new frameworks, with cross-border dimensions, needing greater and more effective international coordination and cooperation.

You are thus invited at SXMUN'21 to be part of the insightful discussions on a host of issues that we are dogged by today, and with the hope of finding ourselves in their midst.

Best Wishes
Christopher Michael

Rev. Fr. Principal's Message

Dear Delegates,

A staunch credence that the ingenious young minds can solely foster the seed of a desired global change streaks across the scholastic firmament of SXMUN.

SXMUN’21 with its theme ‘The Awakening Times’ is a utopian platform for young delegates to converge on a common colloquium to amicably synergize their endeavors and convictions, directing them resolutely to scout viable solutions for all the cosmopolitan and environmental hitches that have tormented our planet, enfeebling and debilitating its rapport, serenity and much sought sense of fraternity.

Today, the world yearns for a juvenile battalion of agile, equipped, peacenik policy makers and enlightened trailblazers who can engage themselves profusely in hauling off mankind out of the imbroglio of raging conflicts, eternal disputes and digressions in order to reconstruct the world on the cornerstones of peaceful dialogue, deference for contrasting opinions and mutual apprehension. SXMUN with insightful ratiocinates, analysis and scrutinisation will inevitably stimulate intellectual and social milieu for such a young brigade who would be joining hands to steer the globe in the direction of the utopic vision and ideals of the most venerated and fondly remembered world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela who fought the evils ravaging the world with mighty weapons of non-violent means through peaceful discussions, negotiations and debates.

I reckon that the active participation and engagement of delegates in the conclave shall lend a Midas touch to erudition, scrupulous endeavors and leave an exhilarating influence on posterity.

With best wishes and a rewarding experience.
Cidloy Furtado

Coordinator's Message

Dear Delegates,

It has been rightly quoted by Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” As the pandemic surrounds the world with its fatal and detrimental consequences, leaving several countries with thousands of people grieving with deteriorating economic, social and environmental standings, people all over the world strive to not let this get the best of them.

It is important to keep in mind that the past year and a half has been nothing short of a bewildering thunderclap. It resulted in millions of people dying, food and water shortages, and the collapsing of health infrastructures. Several natural & man-made calamities befell the world, leaving various countries in shambles, resulting in the homelessness of millions of people.

Regardless of such cataclysmal events taking place, no country and its people have given up. Every country carries on its quest for answers, withstanding all debacles thrown at them. The world is divided into different territories, yet in times of such impediments, the governments and people of all countries and cultures are coming together to cooperate and find immunity against the virus.

SXMUN’21 brings forth this opportunity for all budding individuals, so that this platform becomes the voice of today’s youth. We aim at inspiring and encouraging all students as we understand the need to help them grow into independent minds.

With Warm Regards
Alka Dhody
(MUN Coordinator)

Secretary General's Message

Dear Delegates,

After four successful versions of SXMUN, we now venture towards the second online edition of SXMUN’21. From an insightful and perspicacious concept, it has burgeoned to a memorable and enthralling conference. I am eminently proud of this praxis where students take a step back from the utopian bubble they are brought up in and deliberate over some of the most pressing hitches and problems that are afflicting the world currently.

Today, quite as never before, there's a dire need to fortify our future generations against the cynic and estranging forces that threaten to overpower humanity for their prodigious appetite for power. These past few years have seen the planet becoming more and more dichotomized and the untold anguish caused by the deleterious and antagonistic forces of fundamentalism are wreaking havoc on humanity. Our leaders are blinded by ignorance and avarice and so our only hope for a refulgent future lies in the hands of the bairn and juvenile. Hence, legitimately fostering these young minds into contemplative and benevolent global citizens is pertinent and salient since they can play a conspicuous role in contriving and initiating the modifications that our society so desperately requires.

Shrouded by dark clouds of extremism, unrest and hunger, we as a race are stoushing for mere survival, scraping the bottom for the slightest glimmer of hope but if we fight as one, with all our strength, with all our moral authority, the tenebrous clouds of precariousness will part and the bright light of optimism will light our path towards an ameliorated future. It is thus my honor and pleasure to invite you all to SXMUN, a conference of the likes you might have never witnessed before. On the days of the colloquium the students transcend to the status of world leaders, participating in scintillating deliberation, all the while making memories for a lifetime. St. Xavier’s School, Bathinda has always been enthusiastic in incentivizing young minds to indulge in more than just their curriculums and try to proliferate and dilate their horizons. Thereby, I fervently anticipate these days of enthralling debate and more significantly, of inspiring change.

With Warm Regards,
Ramnique Sandhu
(Secretary General)



Greetings Delegates!

I, Ramnique Sandhu, Secretary General of SXMUN' 21, warmly welcome you all to the fifth edition of St. Xavier's Model United Nations. Having served as a USG member in SXMUN'19 and the Deputy Secretary General in SXMUN'20, I was able to experience a behind the scenes perspective of running a conference in addition to being a delegate in more than 25 MUNs. I have served as the Head Girl of St. Xavier's School, Bathinda for the session 2019 -20 and am presently serving as the Prime Minister of the school for the session 2021-22. I feel extremely elated and ecstatically glad to be an active member of the COVID volunteer group and have been attending virtual IlRS courses during the pandemic as well.

Welcome Delegates

I am Udaybir, the Director General of SXMUN 5th Edition. I was a part of the SXMUN 4th Edition Secretariat in the capacity of IT Head I have the efficiency to fix any technical issue and debug any errors within no time. Filled with enthusiasm and optimism, I keep everyone lively and engrossed at all times. I am ever ready and resolute to accomplish my task with precision. MY solemn devotion and commitment towards my duties motivates me to do the best.

Greeting Delegates

I am Ishani Kalra amd I feel greatly privileged to serve as the Convenor in SXMUN. I have been participating in MUN Conferences as a Reporter since 2019 and I have also worked in the last 2 edition of SXMUN. I have been a member of the Editorial Board of the school and I believe in expressing my thoughts candidly. I am completely committed towards my work. I am looking forward to work with full zest and enrgy to make this event a success.

Welcome all!

I am Angel , designated as the Chief of Staff for SXMUN 2021. For me it was certainly an honourable privilege, serving the school in the capacity of Finance Minister in the year 2019 with utmost passion, zeal and earnestness, where in I always gave my best to look after the collection of funds and its implementation for the welfare of school and other fellow mates, keeping in mind the best utilization and disbursement of the same. Apart from the academic pursuits, I keep myself involved with co-curricular activities, which always allows me to make the best use of the creative skills, which I have learnt, from my Activity Mentors since my kindergarten. I was also designated as the PR Head in SXMUN 4th Edition in the year 2020 to collaborate with delegates of different countries and committees in the conference. My ability to leave a remarkable impression in any discussion, with my sensible choice of words and effective communication skills, supports me to be a crowd puller, which allows me to have effective, connect with the audience.

Good Morning Delegates

I am Vanshika Setia, head of Information Technology: Having worked as the Deputy SIG Minister , I have a flawless skill to work with a calm temperament and fulfil all my responsibilities. I have been a part of the Organising Committee of different MUNs and worked as the head of Marketing -WPMUN, MILENIO . I have also been a part of USG delegate affairs -The Bhartiya Youth Sansad and Magniloquent MUN. I also take pride in stating that I organised on my own -The Bharatiya Yuva Sabha MUN and it was a great success. I am really eager to welcome all the delegates .

Good Morning Delegates

I am Anandi , the Operational Head and I’ve attended multiple MUN’s as delegates and won awards for Verbal mention and Special mention. I have also worked as the reporter of SXSMUN for the committee ECOSOC. I also served the school as the member of cultural affairs ministry . I have actively participated in competitions and debates and flawlessly given my best . I always look ahead to be a part in extra curricular activities. I have participated in inter school painting competition and made the school proud by winning position and I look forward to make this MUN a commendable and praiseworthy one.

Greeting Delegates

I am Naafiah Ali , head of Public Relation Department who has worked as the Deputy Social Welfare Minister of the school and I have attended multiple MUNs as a delegate and have gained a considerable knowledge about the kinds of debates and discussion that are a part of MUN. I always look forward to extend my support to my peers. I love to explore ideas to bring out solutions to various problems. I am very excited to make this event take place successfully.

Greeting Delegates

I am Deepika , appointed as Head of USG Registration who was designated to the post of Secretary to Cultural Affairs. I am very enthusiastic to welcome all the delegates to SXMUN 5th Edition I consider myself to be a problem solver and I am ever ready to logically resolve any dilemma. I take pride for my punctuality and I hold the capability of interacting and coordinating with others effectively. I am very keen on making this MUN an exemplary one.

Welcome Delegates

I am Radhika , Head of USG Feleitation Having served my school as the Environment Minister, I have been presently been designated as the Deputy Speaker of the School Parliament. I have been an active participant in the inter school painting competition and I am extremely sensitivity to the surroundings around myself. Having participated as a delegate in MUN, I am fully acquainted with the kind of debate and discussion of MUN. Partcipation in various MUNs have really sharpened my knowledge about matters pertaining to world issue.