Process of Admission for LKG

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1. Age Eligibility: The candidate seeking admission to LKG in the year 2022-23 should be born between 1/1/2018 and 31/12/2018. The candidate will NOT be eligible for admission if he/she is NOT within the specified age limit.

2. Date of Birth Certificate: The original Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation/Baptism Certificate (in case of Christian children) along with a photostat copy duly attested by a Class A gazetted officer must be submitted at the time of verification of the documents. (Note: No Notary attested copy will be accepted).

3. Parents’ Qualification Certificates and Aadhar Card Copy: The original qualification certificates and Aadhar card of both the parents along with a Photostat copy duly attested by a Class A gazetted officer must be submitted at the time of verification of the documents.

4. Proof of residence of the parents : Submit a photostat copy of any one of the following documents duly attested by a Class A gazetted officer at the time of verification of the documents:

a) Voter ID card

b) Electricity Bill

c) Aadhaar Card

d) Ration Card

e) Passport

f) Rent Deed (If staying on Rent)

Note: The original certificate will be returned to the parents immediately after The verification.

5. Name and other particulars: Fill in the particulars of the candidate correctly (i.e. name, parents’ name, date of birth). The date of birth filled in the form must tally with the one written in the D.O.B Certificate. All names should be spelt correctly in capital letters as they will be required in all the legal papers and CBSE records. No changes with regard to Date of Birth whatsoever will be entertained once the admission to LKG or any subsequent classes are done.

6. Photographs: The latest photograph (taken not more than a month before the date of application) of the candidate is to be uploaded in the space provided for it. A family photograph (showing the parents and the candidate) must be uploaded in the space. Kindly bring the same photographs at the time of the verification of documents.

7. Selection : After having set aside, a quota of seats to be filled on the recommendation of the management, the school shall in its sole discretion have the right to grant priority in admission to persons fulfilling the following criteria:

  • The children of Staff members of the school be considered for admissions provided other basic criteria for admission to the school are fulfilled.
  • Being a Christian Minority institution, children belonging to that minority community will be considered for admission provided they meet the other requirements of the institution.
  • Other applications will be considered for admissions thereafter, by the picking up of lots.
  • Once admission has been granted, all formalities including payment of the stipulated fees must be completed within the time assigned, failing which it will be deemed that the claim for admission has been forfeited.
  • The Management of the School reserves all rights of admission or rejection and is not bound to give reasons for admission or rejection of any particular candidate.

8. Draw of Lots :

  • Due to Pandemic constraints, this Draw of Lots will be done in such manner and by following such procedure as the management of the school may decide.
  • The Registration Number of the candidates whose slip is drawn will be announced during the draw.

9. Rejection of Form : A registration form is liable to be rejected in case of incomplete or incorrect information and no representation will be entertained thereafter.

Caution: The School does not accept any donation for admissions. Parents should beaware of third parties collecting money on behalf of the School and making false claims of procuring admission. If the parents enter into any transaction with such parties, they will be doing so at their own risk and the School shall not be responsible for it.

10. Regarding Enquiry : In case you have a query or need any help, kindly email us at The relevant queries will be replied as soon as possible.

11. Registration Fee : Rs.1000/- is to be paid online and is nonrefundable.

12. Fee Structure : For fee structure, kindly refer to the school website

13. Acknowledgement Receipt : Once the online payment is done successfully, you will get an Acknowledgement Receipt in a new window stating the date and time of submission of documents. Kindly print this Acknowledgement Receipt and bring it on the date and time of the submission of documents in the Junior Wing of the School. Please retain the slip to check your ward’s selection status. No selection list will be displayed in the school.

14. In case of a single parent, the following documents will have to be furnished :

  • Divorce: Divorce Decree
  • Separated: Legal Separation Document
  • Widow/ Widower: Death Certificate of the spouse The above legal documents must clearly mention the name of the custodian of the child.


  • Only one form per candidate will be accepted.
  • Duplicate forms will be rejected.
  • School does not provide any transportation.
  • Incase you fail to turn up on the day of verification of documents, you will not be entertained later.


CLASS FEE HEAD AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION ONLY APR-JUN (1st Quarter) JUL-SEP (2nd Quarter) OCT-DEC (3rd Quarter) JAN-MAR (4th Quarter)
LKG ADMISSION FEE (Non-Refundable) 4000 - - - -
DEVELOPMENT FEE (Non-Refundable) 65000 - - - -
SECURITY DEPOSIT (Refundable) 1000 - - - -
AMALGAMATED FEE - 3810 - - -
TUITION FEE - 12960 12960 12960 12960
SMART CLASS AND ERP - 600 600 600 600
TOTAL 70000 17370 13560 13560 13560