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Prime Minister's Message

We all are here to learn, to dream, to grow and to contribute. This is what makes our lives worthwhile!

Being elected as the Prime Minister of the school, I, Mannat Singla, see this as a great opportunity; an opportunity to inculcate values, discipline and harmony in lives of others; an opportunity to lead by example. This indeed is an opportunity to create a shared vision force better society.

Being the prime minister is not about position or the title but it is about action and example which can make a difference. It is an honour and privilege for me to be a prime minister of the school. I express my gratitude towards the enlightening and indwelling visions of our school heads our manager and all the untiring teachers, the kind staff and the student aspirants who put trust in my ability to lead and produce results.

Thanks & Regards

Mannat Singla – XI E

Prime Minister