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President's Message

St. Xavier’s School, Bathinda is a humble medium of the Society of Pilar to reach out to youngsters in a bid to enable them to become worthy citizens of our society. Catering to thousands of students from around the locality, down the years, the institution has etched an illustrious example of striving for holistic growth of young girls and boys. With the thrust of facilitating integral development of the human personality; an integration of the spiritual, moral, affective, physical, academic, aesthetic, communitarian and social dimensions of a person’s life; we strive to arrive at a fine blend of imagination, creativity, innovation, critical sense and an attitude and disposition of service.

The Management of the institution, in the past and at present are always striving to arrive at new horizons of the ever changing scenario of contemporary times. However, the age-old values of love, service, sincerity, hard work and being humane have always been the foundational force to lead the way.

May each of us … Administration, Staff, Students carry forward the legacy of ‘Xavier’ – the legacy of evolving with the time and contributing to help the divine and humane fabric of human existence to keep growing in ourselves and the world around us.

Fr. John M. Fernandes

(President of the ‘Society of Pilar, Punjab-Haryana’)