St. Xaviers Bathinda

Attendance Rules

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  • Pupils must be punctual at the beginning of the day, for all subjects classes and activities.
  • Attendance for morning assembly is compulsory. At the end of the assembly, students shall proceed in silence to their classrooms.
  • For every absence, a written statement, signed by the Parent/Guardian is required on the day the pupil returns. If a student is absent for more than 3 days for reasons of ill health a certificate from a doctor is required stating illness and fitness.
  • A student who arrives late will be required to bring an explanatory note from Parent/Guardian.
  • All explanatory notes for absence/late arrival should be handed over to the class teacher. No one who is 5 times late or has been absent for 3 days and over will be admitted to the class, without the permission of the Principal.
  • During the vacation period, pupils are not granted leave. Prior permission should be sought for absence from the school for any reason or planned in advance.
  • Students who are regularly sick and fall short of the required 75% of attendance may be asked to leave the school on grounds of physical unfitness.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave school early unless Parents/Guardian present a written note to the office. Explicit permission by the Principal is necessary.
  • In case of infectious disease, the parents are required to submit a medical certificate to the effect that child is fit to rejoin.
  • Attendance on the first day of the school, after vacations is absolutely essential. Pupils who do not join school on the 1 st day will be marked absent for next 5 days.
  • Any unscheduled holidays may be made good by the school without prior intimation to Parents/Guardian.