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Campaigning in St.Xavier's Bathinda Event Date: 26-Apr-2019 Updated On: 29-Apr-2019 Total Video(s): 4 Description: Election fever gripped the students of St. Xavier’s as they campaigned confidently for the various posts of the School Parliament.The nominated candidates put their best foot forward in impressing...
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    Event Date: 8-Aug-2018
    Updated On: 8-Aug-2018
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  • CBSE XII class...
    Event Date: 28-May-2018
    Updated On: 30-May-2018
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  • Komal in English
    Event Date: 29-Jul-2017
    Updated On: 29-Jul-2017
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  • Xavier's Idol...
    Event Date: 21-Nov-2016
    Updated On: 19-Nov-2016
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: Kulshaan...
  • Excursion to NASA
    Event Date: 29-Sep-2016
    Updated On: 11-Dec-2018
    Total Video(s): 3
    Description: Students...
  • Musical play
    Event Date: 27-Jul-2016
    Updated On: 27-Jul-2016
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Students...
  • Fare well Party 2016...
    Event Date: 22-Feb-2016
    Updated On: 31-Jan-2016
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Students...
  • Komal
    Event Date: 22-Jan-2016
    Updated On: 22-Jan-2016
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Komal is...
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