Humankind is each moment inching into unprecedented avenues of development. Approaching education in the contemporary scenario of rapid growth within diversified realms of our existence is a challenge all together. The ‘Society of Pilar, Punjab-Haryana’ has attempted to stay abreast with the needs of the time and continue to maintain the human values which will eternally be the beacon to lead humanity to be persons of value and service.

St. Xavier’s Bathinda has left us a legacy of being a premium institute in the locality. The school stands tall as a resplendent example of affirming the depth that lies in enabling youngsters on a path of holistic growth. Year after year bringing excellent academic results and evolving with contemporary facets of the advancing ages, the school ushers hope, vitality and growth to thousands of its pupils.

May our educational endeavours contribute to build the human society and make education an ongoing process of being open to learn, grow and share.

Rev. Fr. Maria Michael

(Director of Education, Society of Pilar, Punjab-Haryana)