Special Assembly
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Event Date : 27th Nov, 2017
Created Date : 27th Nov, 2017
Total Photos : 11
Description: An awareness workshop for Mother’s of...
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Album Title: Races in KG block
Event Date : 25th Nov, 2017
Created Date : 18th Nov, 2017
Total Photos : 64
Description: You're off to great places! Today is...
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Album Title: Special Assembly
Event Date : 17th Oct, 2017
Created Date : 17th Oct, 2017
Total Photos : 12
Description: We,the students of class 1st D conducted...
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Album Title: Advertisement Activity
Event Date : 14th Oct, 2017
Created Date : 16th Oct, 2017
Total Photos : 48
Description: Act of Advertisement was conducted for...
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Album Title: Solo Dance Competition of...
Event Date : 21st Jun, 2017
Created Date : 22nd Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 95
Description: Yo, It’s the time to DISCO. UKG Solo...
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Album Title: Counselling Session on Hygiene...
Event Date : 15th Jul, 2017
Created Date : 17th Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 13
Description: A counseling session for boys of classes...
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Album Title: Swachh Bharat Commandos
Event Date : 26th Feb, 2015
Created Date : 26th Feb, 2015
Total Photos : 9
Description: The School is proud of these volunteers...
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Album Title: Seminar on Friendship
Event Date : 10th Feb, 2015
Created Date : 10th Feb, 2015
Total Photos : 22
Description: A seminar on friendship was held in...
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Album Title: IIM Faculty Seminar
Event Date : 15th Nov, 2014
Created Date : 30th Jan, 2015
Total Photos : 17
Description: A workshop on career options after 12th...
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Album Title: Army Seminar on career in Army
Event Date : 9th Jan, 2015
Created Date : 30th Jan, 2015
Total Photos : 11
Description: An orientation workshop on different...
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