Manager's Message

The Legacy of Xavier …

St. Xavier’s School bears the name of ‘Xavier’. We are privileged to be associated with the iconic and zealous personality of Francis Xavier. It is indeed very interesting and equally inspiring to take note of the many achievements of Francis Xavier. This saint of the 16th century went about with an amazing pace and has left an astounding influence for the generations to come. There were so many limitations in those times, as compared to date. But still, Francis Xavier travelled places, delegated responsibilities, facilitated modalities of education, formation and spirituality. Any of us allied with this institution named after Xavier (directly or even indirectly) should imperatively assume a sense of responsibility, to keep alive and contribute to the legacy of St. Francis Xavier.

Holistic Formation …

We live in a globalized and consumeristic world, where selfishness, greed and money seemingly dominates varied facets of our living. Children whether at home, in the society or at school are perceiving, assimilating and learning from the way we live, from what we value and from the way we facilitate the ongoing formation happening each day all through our lives. We need to ask ourselves, if children, whether at home in the family, or in the society, or whether in the school are acquainted with a pedagogical dynamism which contributes towards or against currents of humanity devoid of good human and spiritual values.

Holistic formation is a need of the hour in today’s globalized and consumeristic era. Here at Xavier’s, we have the best of grades and an endless list of achievements. However, we ought to be persons who have a strong foundation of good human and spiritual formation, which would in turn facilitate our contribution to make a difference in today’s world. At Xavier’s we have the best of results in academics and extra-curricular activities. At Xavier’s we also strive to facilitate the formation of youngsters who would contribute to the legacy of the Indian heritage of values, spirituality and common well-being.

My Gratitude and Our Contribution …

It is with a deep sense of joy to acknowledge that the legacy of Francis Xavier has been kept aflame in the past by so many of the Managers, Principals, Teachers, Members of the Staff and the Students. The torch of the Xaverian spirit of commitment, excellence, righteousness and values is handed unto us. Heading this institution in a spirit of service, I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the present Principal, Teachers, Clerical and Working Staff and the Students of our institution. We have achievements of the past which continue to inspire us with a sense of pride and privilege; these also nudge us to continue contributing towards this glorious heritage, right now in the present.

A Prayer …

May God bless our efforts
that we may learn how to serve,
that we may teach how to serve and
we may facilitate the growth of generations
who would be good and genuine human and spiritual persons,
and who would facilitate holistic formation in today’s times!

Rev. Fr. Adrian J. Fernandes

St. Xavier’s School, Bathinda, Punjab.